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The National Regional Science and Regional Planning Congress which focus on current developments in field of Regional Science in Turkey will be held on 01-02 December, 2016 by Suleyman Demirel University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Department of Economics and Department of Political Science and Public Administration; Architecture Faculty Department of Urban and Regional Planning; Faculty of Arts and Sciences Department of Geography. The aim of the congress is to gather all researchers studying Regional Science, to make them discuss their experiences in an academic atmosphere, and to contribute to the knowledge on regional science.

The topics to be discussed at the 16th National Regional Science and Regional Planning Congress are as follows:  

  • Comparative Regional Policies, Examples from Turkey and the World,
  • Mobility, Migration and Human Capital: Winning and Losing Regions,
  • Population, Labor Market and Capital Mobility in Regions,
  • New Actors and Experiences that Drive Regional Development,
  • Legislation, Contradictions and Constraints in Regional Development,
  • Regional Governance Models,
  • The Administration of Metropolitans and Rural Areas,
  • Transforming Local Governments,
  • Regional Economic Growth,
  • Regional and Urban Systems,
  • Regional Development and Border Regions,
  • Urban Partnership, Public Capital and Regional Development,
  • New Theories and Application Areas in Regional Science and Planning: Evolutionary and Relational Economic Geography, the New Institutionalism and the Others,
  • Regional Innovation Systems,
  • Constructed Regional Advantage, Path Dependency, Related Variety and Debates on Smart Specialization,
  • Spatial Planning Issues,
  • Infrastructure, Transportation and Communication,
  • Development in Coastal Areas; Harbors and Seas,
  • Regional Policy, Planning and Administration,
  • Metropolitan(s), Borders and Rural Areas,
  • Urban Sprawl and Rural Shrinkage,
  • Rural and Local Development,
  • Energy, Development and Sustainability,
  • Tourism, Cultural Industry and Regional Experience Economy,
  • Spatial Econometrics, Regional Economic Modeling,
  • Spatial Technologies in Regional Planning,
  • Spatial Agglomeration: Agglomeration Economies and Clusters,
  • Real Estate and Housing Policies, Urban Transformation and the Effects to Regional Economy,
  • Interregional Cooperation, Conflicts and Competition,
  • Climate Change, Environment and Urban/Regional Durability,
  • Socio-economic Integration, Poverty and Social Policies,
  • Social Networks, Social Capital and Local Economic Development,
  • Global Trends and Expectations, Risks, Opportunities concerning MINT – CIVETS Regions,
  • The European Union and Turkey: Pre-Accession Financial Assistance Program, Regional Policies, Experiences and Expectations towards 2020.